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The perfect Marriage of Creative Design & unforgettable adventure

Shades of Teal Creative Co

camper design

anything but


In other words…we design one-of-a-kind homes on wheels!

Camper design

anything but


Shades of Teal Creative Co. transforms campers into kick-ass masterpieces that will leave you saying,

It goes without saying that we adore beautiful design! Years of decorating weddings, as well as giving many homes & RV's makeovers have cultivated a polished eye for design that we pair with years of camping experience to bring new life to old campers.

It’s All in the Details…

more than


Meet Sarah

“I can't believe that's a camper!”

I like you…you’re a rebel! We’re going to get along great!

I believe in celebrating EVERY love story through partnerships with like-minded creatives who actively chose love over hate

Here are a few things you should know:

the Creative behind the 


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Travel is my love language! If your love story is taking you outside of Michigan for your wedding, then we definitely need to talk. You bring the joy, and I will take care of all the details to ensure your wedding is unforgettable! 


I believe you should trust your gut. Sure, I could tell you a whole bunch of great things about what I can do, but I would much rather show you and let you decide. Let’s meet, over zoom or for a cup of coffee, you pick! Let’s really get to know each other! 


Check out our current campers for sale!

We buy them, inspect, give them a pretty makeover, then sell them to people like you! 

Our makeovers most generally include flooring, paint, wallpaper, fabric, backsplash, and decor.

The Shades of Teal Experience

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available campers
custom Camper makeover

diy design 

Our busy clients with little time love our camper makeover services! 

Together we'll define your makeover budget, discuss your vision, & make the magic happen while you sit back and relax!

custom camper makeovers

We help elevate your ideas into one-of-a-kind homes on wheels.


full makeovers start at $4,000 depending on size of camper

partial makeovers vary depending on workload. send me an email for a quote!